Alpine Car Rental Pte Ltd

Alpine Car Rental started business in 1990 with a modest fleet of 10 cars and 5 staff. Today, it has a staff strength of 16 and a modern fleet of some 500 vehicles ranging from compact cars to luxury sedans and premium SUVs. With a good mix of car makes, Alpine Car Rental has been able to offer its diversified clientele very competitive rates. Whilst rates may vary, the same standard of service and commitment from the Alpine staff are delivered to each and every client. This consistency is built upon the Group’s commitment to service. Corporations and business executives form the majority of Alpine Car Rental’s customer base with long term rental ranging from 2 to 3 years taking up 90% of its fleet. Daily, weekly and weekend rentals make up the remaining 10%. Since going online, the company has been enjoying new business contacts from around the world with an average of 30 enquiries per day and a conversion rate of 92%. Alpine Car Rental will be introducing new services for customers and the public through the internet in 2013. Find Out More

Alpine Motors Pte Ltd

From the best performing Mitsubishi Dealer in Singapore for almost 10 years, to being the best performing Dealer for Renault commercial and passenger vehicles, the illustrious history of Alpine Motors is an enviable one. As a major dealer for the aggressive French marque, Alpine Motor’s role in the success of Renault’s penetration into the local market was widely recognized by industry watchers. In the same way that Alpine Automobiles had helped to build the Volkswagen brand when it first launched in Singapore, Alpine Motors was a springboard for the marque to capture a slice of the market dominated by top Japanese makes. At the end of 2009, the company became the Sole Dealer for the brand in the republic. As with all Alpine Group companies, training and incentive schemes have not only helped to enrich the potential of Alpine Motors for greater success but have also enhanced the buying and ownership experience of every customer. Find Out More

Auto Germany Pte Ltd

Auto Germany was established in January, 2012 to operate and manage the Sole Dealership for Opel passenger and commercial vehicles in Singapore. With an uphill task of re-launching the Opel brand in Singapore during one of the most challenging period in the local automotive industry (limited COE supply and deep pocket spending of major German makes), Auto Germany has been preparing to gear itself to rise above the din and noise. With the launch of its modern 3S facilities at Alpine Centre, it has already taken necessary and new steps towards building trust for the brand by correcting misconceptions about the brand and ownership experiences under previous dealerships. Auto Germany, like Alpine Motors, also offers one of the industry’s first 24-7 support for all its customers with an online ticketing support system. The system ensures that all feedback, enquiries and suggestions from customers and prospects are not only easily communicated to the company, but that they are responded to and monitored. Find Out More